About OEPP

About OEP Philippines Inc.

In its early history, OEP Philippines, Inc. was known as Elan Pharma Phils., Inc. which was established in 1986. It was then acquired by Orient Europharma Ltd. of Taiwan in 2003.

OEP Philippines, the largest subsidiary in terms of sales revenue of Orient Europharma, is focused on marketing prescription medicines of a wide range of therapeutic classes, including anti-hypertensives, anti-anginals, anti-infectives and products for the treatment of respiratory disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and allergic rhinitis. In 2008, the company successfully launched more pipeline extensions in the field of metabolism and anti-infectives to serve the market.

The product portfolio comprises active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) introduced for the very first time in the Philippines such as doxofylline, ebastine, erdosteine, nicorandil, nebivolol and beclometasone + formoterol fixed dose combination, as well as a number of unique speicalty generic products and combination therof.

OEP Philippines not only strives to meet the medical needs of Filipinos, but also supplies the country with affordable medicines to meet business objectives. OEP Philippines is currently cooperating closely with reputable business partners in product development and production, and searching for more opportunities in its product pipelines.

OEP Philippine subsidiary currently ranks at no. 26 among all ethical pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines and it is one of the fastest-growing and most rapid-expanding companies in the market. OEP Philippines expects the business to grow continuously by launching even more products in the years ahead.

We Aim

To enhance the health and quality of life of the population of the Asian region through our entrepreneurial spirit by expertly managing our strategic partners’ and customers’ resources and by providing the public with innovative specialty health care products in the field of medicines, nutriments and dermo-cosmetics.

We Envision

Over the next few years, Orient Europharma envisions to be recognized as a key player in the pharmaceutical industry in Asia: for its ongoing leadership in the marketing and sales of new products and cooperation with international research companies as well as product development.

Our Core Values

Orient Europharma has gained trust and respect among key stakeholders for its commitment to core values of INTEGRITY, SOLIDARITY and CREATIVITY.

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