Board of Directors
Title Name Education/Experience
Chairman Peter Tsai

1. Department of Chinese, Soochow University,
2. President and CEO, Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd.

Director Jack Wu

1. School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University
2. Consultant, Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd.

Director Sylin Ltd (Bermuda)

Representative: Peter Wang

1. Executive MBA, Taiwan University
2. Former President & Managing Director of Wyeth (U.S.) / Taiwan  Wyeth

Representative: Chi-Chow Liao

1. St. John’s University Industrial Pharmacy Ph. D
2. General Manager, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center
3. Office Consultant, Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry

Director Calvin Tsai

1. Accounting, University of California. Riverside, USA
2. Executive Director, Orient Pharma Co., Ltd.

Independent Director Hwa-Min, Lin

1. Master of Business Administration, Keio University, Japan
2. Chairman, IFCT Consulting Co., Ltd.

Independent Director Praveen Tyle President & CEO, Osmotica Pharmaceutical corporation, USA


Title Name Education/Current Position
Independent Supervisor  Richard Yang

1. Department of Accounting, Soochow University, Master
2. CPA, Richard Yang and Co.

Taiwan Excelsior Co., Ltd.

Hung-Che, Hsu

1. Department of Architecture, Chung Yuan Christian University,
2. Chief of Shin-guang Architects

Supervisor Cynthia Lin

1. Department of Business, National Taiwan University
2. Director of Taiwan Excelsior Co., Ltd.
3. Representative of juristic-person director, Orient Pharma Co., Ltd.