To follow the trend of internationalization, Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd. started to expand the foreign market in 1993 by establishing subsidiaries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Philippines. In 2006, the company moved into the Mainland market, starting at Shanghai and Guangzhou, with a complete marketing network. In 2011, Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd established a sales office in Vietnam for the local market and also expanded to emgering market include India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia.

In 2003, Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd. acquired the subsidiary company of ElanPharma, an Irish company, established Orient EuroPharma Philippines Inc(OEPP). After years of hard work, the subsidiary of Orient EuroPharma Philippines Incwas ranked 27th  place by sales in the list of Western pharmaceutical companies in 2014.

Orient EuroPharma Philippines Inc.continued to provide new drugs at reasonable prices. The marketing prescription includes: cardiovascular drugs for hypertension and angina; respiratory drugs for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; metabolic drugs for diabetes and hyperlipidemia; and antibiotics for infections. In addition, the company also developed medicines for oncology and neurology. To provide more variety of high-quality products, we continued to seek out partnership. In 2012, a professional cosmeceutical team was organized to open up the market in Philippines.

Orient EuroPharma Philippines Inc continued to develop at a stable pace and recruit more professional experts. Meanwhile, by sharpening the sale techniques, the company cultivated a group of professionals in the Asian Pacific region.


Orient EuroPharma Singapore(OES) was established in 1993, with an emphasis on products for special purpose and nutritional market. The company showed advantages in oncology, urology, neuroscience, and basic medicine.

Products include: Navelbine (in injection and capsule form) for non-small cell lung cancer and breast carcinoma; non-invasive Androgel for testosterone deficiency; Permixon for benign prostatic hypertrophy; and Pamorelin® for prostatic cancer.

In 2007, Karihome Series was marketed. In addition to the channel expansion of Karihome, the company also organized various activities to increase brand awareness.


Orient EuroPharma Malaysia (OEM) was established in 1997. Major products include: Navelbine (in injection and oral dose form) for breast and lung cancer; and Zanidip, a new generation of lipophilic calcium blocker, for chronic hypertension (benefit of avoiding edema side effect).

In 2008, Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd. developed and marketed the diabetic drug Glymet. In 2011,Neupro patch for Parkinson's disease and Androgel for testosterone deficiency were marketed. In 2012, Foster for asthma and Vimpat for seizures were marketed. With so many different innovative drugs, Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd. would certainly become one of the dominant pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia.

As for Nutricare Business Unit, Karihome goat milk powder was marketed in 2005 and continued to be the leading brand.

Hong Kong

Orient EuroPharma Hong Kong (OEH) was established in 2001 and the Navelbine injection by Pierre Fabre was introduced. In March 2008, the Navelbine oral capsule form was introduced. It was more tolerant and convenient, with less side-effects and better compliance to the patients. The drug was widely accepted by patients and caregivers. 

In 2010, Orient EuroPharma Hong Kong (OEH)was granted the right for Neupro patch (Parkinson's disease) by Beligum UCB phrma company and then followed by Vimpat ( for Epilepsy) in July 2012. Also, the right to sell the new generation of emergency contraceptive 「ella」 (by French HRA) was authorized in 2013.

In 2007, the Nutricare Business Unit was established and the Karihome Series was marketed. After years of promotional activities, the sales of Karihome continued to rank as the number 1 brand.


Orient EuroPharma Co., Ltd. officially entered the Chinese market in 2006, starting with establishments in Shanghai and Guangzhou.  In 2008, the Karihome goat Series milk powder was officially introduced in the market. By the fourth quarter of the same year, by partnership with local retailers, the Karihome goat Series milk powder was successfully introduced to Wuhan, Harbin, Dalian, and Zhengzhou. In 2009, the market expanded to Changsha, Nanning, Hainan, Fuzhou, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. In 2010, the company continued to develop in Beijing, Tianjin, Anhui, Hebei, and Shandong. Currently, Orient EuroPharma China has built a comprehensive sales network in China. However the effort continues to expand the market throughout the entire Mainland. The Karihome Series was listed and on sale in more than 3000 retail locations in the second half of 2013, and the Karihome cow Series milk powder was also marketed. Karihome goat milk powder is considered the number one brand survey by  AC Nielson servey in 2014.


In 2011, an office was set up at the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam for strategic expansion of local market.